Topics Covered in IJREET

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The topics suggested by the IJREET can be discussed in terms of concepts, state of the art, research, standards, implementations, running experiments, applications, and industrial case studies. All tracks are open to both research and industry contributions.

International Journal for Research in Engineering and Emerging Trends (IJREET) is the place for the exchange of information and research results within the following scope:



  • Bio Technology
  • Ceramic Technology
  • Dairy Technology
  • Media Technology
  • Fashion Technology
  • Fiber Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Forensic Science And Technology
  • Leather Technology
  • Materials Science And Technology
  • Oil And Paint Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Polymer Technology
  • Packaging Technology
  • Printing Technology
  • Pulp And Paper Technology
  • Rubber Technology
  • Silk Technology
  • Sugar Technology
  • Textile Technology
  • Nanotechnology

For CSE and IT Engineering

  • Network Simulator NS2, NS3
  • Internet of things, Cloud Computing
  • Embedded System, Robotics
  • IOT, Arduino, Embedded System
  • ML, AI, Data mining etc

For  ECE, EEE, EE & IE

  • Embedded System – Arduino, Raspberry pi 3, AVR
  • VLSI Designing – Tanner Tools Hspice
  • MATLAB Image processing, MATLAB Simulink
  • Power Electronics, Power System
  • Internet of things, Cloud Computing
  • Antenna Designing – ANSYS HFSS
  • Robotics, Drones , Mechatronics
  • SIGNAL PROCESSING & Quadcopter,

For Mechanical Engineering

  • Robotics, Mechatronics, Pneumatic based
  • Hydraulic, Solar energy, Quad-copter, Drones
  • Wind Energy Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Industrial and Production Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • CAD CAM Engineering
  • Power Plant Engineering

  For Civil Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geo-informatics
  • Geo-technical Engineering
  • Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Management
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering