About us

The International Journal for Research in Engineering and Emerging Trends (IJREET) is an international journal that aims at meeting all the needs of diverse research sections of people across the globe.

Xicone is the publication house for IJREET which is ISO 9001:2015 company.

IJTREET caters to the needs in the different domains of Engineering and Technologies. It includes both fundamental and advanced research-oriented ideas with an expectation that all those who wish to contribute diverse papers such as Research Paper, Case Study, Articles,  Review papers and short communications keep these criteria in mind.

International Journal for Research in engineering and Emerging Trends is one of the fastest-growing international academic publishers that publishes International Journals in the fields of Computer Science Engineering , Electronics and communication, Electrical Engineering, Mechanics, Science and Technology, Life Science, Mathematics and Management etc.

Our journals would be an asset to any institution’s science-engineering library. The quality of the people who freely give their time and effort to the journals, as editors, editorial board members, and contributors, bears witness to the high esteem the journals are held in, in many circles. Of course, all content is fully refereed. The journals are well-established, properly organized and meet researchers’ needs.

IJREET expects all the articles or papers to be original which are not published previously or submitted to any journal for the consideration for publication. All the articles or papers must adhere to the style and the ethics of the IJREET. All the articles or papers will be thoroughly reviewed and edited by expert reviewers and language editors before consideration for publication.

IJREET 100% emphasis on high-quality research content, thorough peer-review which exists on all our research and review articles, ensuring we publish scientifically sound research across a broad spectrum of engineering areas.

Manuscripts submitted to The International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology should:

  • contribute to existing research work;
  • be original, and not have been published anywhere;
  • present data clearly and concisely;
  • mention engineering data & applications;

All accepted papers in IJREET will be published under Xicone Publication Licence and will be freely available on the IJREET Digital Library.

Almost all university and college research in both science and engineering is performed as a component of the advanced education of students. For most engineering & science students, the goal of a career in industry motivates their pursuit of advanced study, and this will increasingly be the case in the future and IJREET helps them to achieve their goal.

The IJREET is not limited to a specific areas of science and engineering but is instead covers a wide range of branches of engineering and sciences.

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